A page from a school girl’s diary

Dear Cindy,
Hope your fine. I want to talk to you about life today. Its funny how it turns out sometimes don’t ? I guess I don’t need an answer to that for I already know the answer. You know life is like a movie with characters, settings, drama, excitement, laughter and pain, but most of all, suspense and unexpected turns. The story never ends it just moves to the next scene.

One minute you’re with someone and you say yes he is the one; the husband to be, the father of my future children and the next two second its regret and an unforgettable memory and soon fades away like a Mooney night. You make so many mistakes and hate to look at yourself in the mirror because you despise who you are or how stupid you were and hope that someday you would forget but the funniest thing is you can never forget. It will be with you until you die. They come and the go but men never ends. You will never see that, for to you it’s an enjoyable month or year or even years but what you fail to realize is that it will never last. Everytime you leave or it ends another one comes and say “I love you baby” and it starts all over again. I guess your eyes are blind when it comes on to these things. You will go to the ends of the earth to make them see how beautiful, sexy, caring or special you are. Using all the make- up, wearing the tightest jeans, putting up the hottest and latest hairstyles, being kind and treating them like kings when the treat you like dirt. You keep saying it will get better not realizing it cannot and will not be better only worst. Everyone wants to be, everyone wants to touch, everyone to see, everyone loves, everyone thinks you’re the most beautiful and sexiest but what it really means is “ I want your body” and nothing more or less. Many times when we find out we fight the truth because it’s too painful to think it really is. The person you think is the one isn’t and was never. They be what you want them to be and adapt to any situation whenever you want them to. Sometimes you wonder will I ever grow up to see and accept them for who the really are. Sometimes we do start accepting them for who they really are and say I just have to live with it but I am not going to do that. I want my future husband to love me for me and not what he wants me to be, not to cheat everytime we have an argument, to respect me and what I do, to cherish me like a diamond he never wants to loose or
get damage. I want a man who knows who he is and don’t need the world to define him. I want him to trust me and trust himself with me. I want him to know my every dreams, hopes, fears and what makes me happy so he will never be the one to make me sad. I want him to believe in me as I believe in him and believe in what we have. I want him to be a man, but not just a man, “a real man”. One who can make decisions when one is to be made, a provider, a romancer if there is such a word, a comforter, a role model to our children, but most of all, I want him to be my man, my husband and my life. I want to notice the simplest things like the color of my eyes, tell me I look beautiful when I wake up in the morning and I have matter in my eyes and my hair is all messed up. Tell me I am what make him whole and I am the sun that shines in his darkest night. When the world is coming to an end tell me it will be OK because we have each other and nothing can tear us apart. We can do everything and anything once we have each other. Tell me you will be here every time I call. We will enjoy sunsets together, candlelight, movies, lonely nights watching the stars, beaches, making love, pain, sorrows, laughter, but most of all, our love and what we share together. You don’t have to be the cutest or richest guy but be you and that’s all I need, want and will ever desire: -)

Yours truly, XOXO.
Remember-: Love what you got and never take anyone for granted because you will never know when you will wake up and realize that you have lost a precious diamond while you were too busy collecting silly stones


9 thoughts on “A page from a school girl’s diary

  1. This is my first time i visit here. I found so many entertaining stuff in your blog, especially its discussion. From the tons of comments on your posts, I guess I am not the only one having all the enjoyment here! Keep up the excellent work.

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