Shadow of the past

When I try to look back at the things that I’d left behind is one of the hardest thing’s I gotta coped myself for looking behind is the most bitter things that happen to me in this life which I have to swallow alone by creating a world of imagination an escape for myself to hide from the real world.

But there are times you know, when you just cant hide from it anymore and then eventually you have to faced-up some reality and I’m not a super-girl not at all because I don’t have a powers to change the world but I’d like to think that I can make a difference in people lives.

But I let my own self down I made a promise to make up to which I never do from time and time again I let so many people down Infact I’m also not very happy as a dark force is on my case and I try to make success cause I believe that my future would be determined shortly as I am trying to be a better person. But you know what they said? the higher you get by is the more you must try.
I failed, and I make the real world apart of my escapes.

Why? Cause it was always been the same thing an object desire dangle just out of reach, and when you thought you could have it when it was in grasping range it whipped away. I thought of my youth and my golden days when the world was buttery full of opportunity I’d throw it all away frittered my young life away trying to be nice wanting everyone to accept me. I thought what vile thing to want to be a slippy thing not good not bad just safe slightly sweet.

But a people who not often speak out wont grab their chances they kept their opinion quiet least they offend and least they lose, down it went into the red depth irretrievable lost forever. How nice it would be if I can fly like a bird in the skies feel free to go where I want to be and dance as I could.
Cause sometime I don’t even know who I am anymore I’m not the girl that I used to see anymore the girl that I first saw before I’ve been whipped away faded.

“Sometime life is so unfair but faith is something funny when it turn into a path you never wish it to be, Dear god lightened up my life please..”


7 thoughts on “Shadow of the past

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