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Boomie Bol

Have you seen them?
Wild and vicious
Greedy and mean

Animals masquerading as humans
Whippersnappers parading as Pooh-Bahs
A facade is what their existence is
As they are no better than wild animals
Roaming in the jungle preying on the weak
Perhaps that is why outsiders think you-
Africa – bountiful mother-land
Could still be a jungle

When your so- called “leaders” are
Looting and polluting
Your innocence and land
Consuming money like its food
Guzzling it down their throats
And pouches like milk
Overlooking the people who entrusted
Them with the high and mighty position
They are thoroughly unfit and unqualified
To assume

Blooming lunatics
Impaired and incapacitated in every way
By their madness
Greed and power intoxication
Absolute tyrants is what they are

Need we mention the names of these animals?
Fronting as humans

Military tyrants and
Civilian bullies is what they really are
Lying through their teeth

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