From me to you

I always write about the broken hearted…..
Why can’t i write about a sound and good relationship?…..
oh dear! i always write according to my thoughts, i reacted…

Some broken hearts never mend, But if i had two hearts, I’ll lend…
Maybe i write about my experience, what? are you kidding me?…..
i just turned eighteen, and i can’t just jump into a relationship……
it’s not something you should decide like that…….

Okay! let’s stop talking about me!….
the love that exceeds ti, is an awesome one…..
i mean the love between me and my pen……
Great feelings are found in good relationships…
i admit it, but here should be times of pains….

If you’re reading this, just know you mean a lot to me….
ad i wish you all the best in your relationships…..


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