Series of Love Poems

Poem i s Dedicated to all love birds!! 🙂

Life and Love

Life is here forever and a day.
It may leave a burden or debt for one to pay.
Lost without love nowhere to be found.
I find myself searching for a soul mate all around.
Once found, no longer lost.
Life has already taken a large cost.
No matter what you will forever be in my heart.
If our love stands to be true not even life can tear us apart.

Why I love you

I don’t know how you do it,
But you do it every day
You make me love you more and more,
With every passing day.
It’s not the way you hold me,
Or listen when I talk.
It’s not the way you look at me,
Or hold my hand when we walk.
It’s not the way you make love to me,
Or kiss me the way you do.
It’s everything you do for me
I love you ‘cause you’re you.


I love you more and more each day
I love you more then words could say
I wish you loved me, but I know you don’t
I wish I could make you, but I know you won’t
But I’ll continue to love you everyday
Because these feelings just won’t go away.

Three Gifts I give to you

I hold out my hands to you
One hand slowly unfolds
Revealing to you the key of my heart.
My other hand hold the passwordto my soul.
These two gifts I place in your hand
Along with the third gift.
The one that bounds the other two together
This gift is my trust.
These three gifts I give to you
My heart, my soul and my trust.
As I place my hand over the top ofyours
Listen as I say “I love you”.
I turn and walk away
Now you hold all that I am in yourhand
The choice is yours..

Picture of Love

In the moment our eyes meet,
Blinded by a love so true.
A passionate kiss that holds,
A lifetime flame forever new.
An intimate time in the stars,
Nothing can break our spell.
Soul mates know our meaning,
Though others will never tell.
To hold here next to my heart,A special picture of you and I.
Everyday together as perfect,
Until we have our place in the sky.

Love Eternity

My love eternity
Will last forever
Even when we are gone
I’ll love you no matter what
But…Will you love me back
Don’t tell that you don’t
I don’t want to loose you
You say you love me, don’t be a fool
It doesn’t matter if you don’t love me
Forever, unfortunately
Our love is eternity.

(Guest Post: Sumarai)


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