Her Last Tears

One Last Tear
I lie here.
In my bed made of sorrow
In the dark…. alone.
Struggling… Trying..
Not to think.
Because thinking…. doesn’t work.

I lie here
until I feel a single tear…
slide ever so slowly down my cheek.

I hear it softly hit the pillow.
Feel the tear trickle down my arm….
I hear it’s soft echo of death as it hits the floor below.

A sad sound.
Because that one tear…..
was once filled with a thousand hopes and dreams.
Hopes and dreams of the innocent.
Hopes and dreams of what could have been.

I fall asleep to the sound of that lonely soft tear.
Echoing in my mind.
I awake the next morning to
A small but painful stain..
Nothing now but an insignificant reminder
Of a lonely dried up dream.


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