Can i trust you?

Bright feelings, Dark Emotions….
Dark emotions, Damp Expressions…
Look into my eyes, tell me you love me…

Wait for my reply, i may love you too…..
I Zipped my heart long ago, you want to unzip it?
You can try, but be serious……

Yes i want to unzip it, what does it take?
I will try, yes i will try….
Hold my hands, close your eyes…

Together we can rule the world…..
Together we can make others jealous…
Together we are going to make history..

Are these words true? or you are just saying them?
I’ve heard similar words before…
i just pray you are real, You should be….

I love you, heaven knows it, just give me your heart..
I will take care of it, i promise to pamper it….
You’re my pet, i adore you….

I Believe you, Take me away from here….
Show me love and care like never before….
I give you my heart, Keep your promises…

Bright feelings, sexy emotions….
sexy emotions….
I love you.


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