R.I.P to those that died at the dana incident. i pray that Nigeria will be a better place for we all. the news and sad event is just to make us strong. Read this and say the prayer along. indeed sad.

Boomie Bol

Tonight, I write with heaviness in my heart as tears blind my eyes and pain clouds my ability to think clearly. My heart hurts in pain and sorrow.

I got the news about the plane crash that killed 153 passengers and another 10 on ground individuals while in church and my heart sank. My younger sister sent a message that simply read “Bomb blast in Nigeria, plane crash in Nigeria 153 dead…” She said she was crying and wrote “I am sad, it is sad.”

I understood where she was coming from…Nigeria has had its share of ill luck but this was alarming to a lot of us to say the least…we didn’t know what to expect as the news continued to unfold. There was fear and anger everywhere. Apparently, the plane wasn’t supposed to fly…it was grounded…

I met with friends today and somehow…friends of friends were in the…

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