Letter to Clinton pt.1

Dear Clinton,

How are you? How is your family? Fine i hope.
I want to go straight to the point.
Life is a teacher, It teaches you good and bad things.
It has its students, i.e me and you. Some students stay away from class and end up in the wrong path of life, the ones that listened to the teacher are successful in everything they do, and they come out with good grades. i just you to put the best in everything you do, in order to make it in life. Thank you

Yours Faithfully..
Caring one.

Dear Caring one,

I am grateful, totally speechless…..
Your words are so true, you know, sometimes the class is so boring that i fall asleep, the TEACHER doesn’t care, its classmates like you that do wake me up. My zeal to learn was unstable, but after reading your letter, i was convinced and you put more energy in me. i will put the best in everything i do. I love you

Thanks….. Clinton


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