When you have pushed through difficult times;
When you have given all that you had to offer;
When you have faced new challenges;
When you have been harmed;
When you have struggled until you just thought you could face it no more;
Understand the time WILL PASS;

And when it does, give yourself the honor of healing;
Times like things take a toll on our mind, body, and spirit;
When all is said and done and you have closed the door on all the confusion, heartache, turmoil and pain;

You may still wonder why those feelings seem to remain;
Your emotions need some time to heal;
Give yourself respect for facing such an ordeal;
It is essential that all parts of our being be restored;
So allow your feelings their process;

Take good care of yourself and be sure to get plenty of rest;
Just Be for a little while and allow “all” to flow as it must;
Allow the cleansing to begin;
Cry all day if you feel as though you must;

For tears are cleansing like that of the April rain;
Feelings can throw a powerful punch and they require both recognition and honor in order to feel;
Know that your going to be just fine;
Then relax and allow yourself this time to heal!


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