Heart Felt Emotions

I love the way…
Your blazing eyes stare into my eyes,
As you make me feel…
Like I’m floating in the blue skies,
Every twinkle in your eyes,
Makes me see, How precious you are to me.

As when you embrace me,
In your loving arms,
I feel complete and bond,
As our minds, hearts, and souls,
Are truly united into one.

My darling, you are the greatest,
And the sweetest person I ever met
You are all,
I have ever crave and yearn.

I have found in you, the wisdom,
And the humor, and the greatest spirit,
And the softest touch of your soul.

Since you are the best part…
Of all my heart felt emotions,
And you bear,
The deepest meaning in my life,
I love only you until the day I die!


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