There’s no Bone in the woods


“Come Back”! i screamed….
As i chased bruno

His chain was making so much noise
i couldnt help it, i shouted on top of my voice

He headed for the woods
I ran after him, screaming and shouting
“There is no bone in the woods”
I thought as i continue the chase

He stopped! my energy increased
as i was reaching for the chain, he ran again

Bruno! i said softly
I followed him inside (the woods)
Suddenly, Bruno vanished!

I couldn’t find him
I felt something herd under my foot whats that?

Bruno’s chain! i bent down to pick it
and pull him out of his hiding place

He came out with force, i got dragged!
i fell down and broke my arm and i scream in pain

Then i heard someone shouting:
“I got him” “I got him”

Oh! i am coming i said!

“But there is no bones in the woods”


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