Recieve them all

I pour my heart to you, Hear my cry

My mouth is filled with praise and thanks

I walk here on earth, one day, i know I’ll fly

My life and foot steps, I put them in your hand

Send your angels to take charge over me

Clear my path and come for my rescue

You always show our love and care over me

I don’t have gold or silver to give thee but this few!

Yes! this few thanks is all i render to you my creator

Let your name be highly praised…….

I see the ladders from the heavens, my creator

Angels worshiping you and the dead are raised

Recieve my Praise father! Amen


15 thoughts on “Recieve them all

  1. The truth that your spiritual eyes see, will always be your stronghold, your strength, for His love resides within you my brother, never cease to share this to others, for you will plant seeds to life for many, and He shall accept the sweet harvest! Beautiful poem my brother…i have seen angels in the sky, and i have had angels rescue me face to face.. They watch over thos whom he dearly loves. And even those who still do not believe! Its not luck that things happen to many, but His loving grace!

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