Another Award (The one lovely Blog award) :)

wow. am very happy. you know, that time I vanished into thin air  I stop posting, i thought i would never meet up and my readers will be all gone. Wow.. you dont know how much strength this award has added to my loins… Josey is the heart behind this award, and if you have not checked her blog, youre missing.. – thats her blog.  her posts are so inspirational and touching…. please do visit.

Rules for the award is as follows: thank the blogger that nominated you and link the post to their page; state 7 random facts about yourself and nominate others that deserve the award too…..


Things about me

– I love football..

– I love Hip hop music..

– I rap When am bored

– I cant stay a day without thinking about my mum

– I like helping others

– I love pets, Dog to be precise

– I sometimes forget my birthday 🙂

– OOps!! 7? oh okay this is 8th. i love my readers, they kept me going..

haha.. okay, i will nominate the peeps as soon as possible. and thanks to Josey again.


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