The Shadow Man Chpt.1


I was peacefully enjoying my sleep when i heard a knock. I woke up and Turned on the lights, i reached for my Glasses cos i couldn’t see clearly at night. I was about going to Check who was at the door when i realized am the only one at home. My Mom and Dad traveled to Rome for a Family Reunion. Me and Carl had to stay back because of our Exams. That reminds me “Where the hell is Carl” Oh God! Oh i remember him telling me about a birthday party, i told him am not coming, after all someone should watch the house.

“Carl is that you?” Hoping to get and answer, i opened my door and walked into the Living room and i noticed the TV was on so i had to turn it off. I could hear some footsteps around the back. I slightly shifted the curtains to see who it was but i was too late, i saw only a shadow. “Could that be Carl?” It better be him cos am about to pee  in my Pyjamas. I closed the curtain, I thought of what to do and my thoughts suddenly became blank and dull. i was just staring at the dim bulb in the living room and… YES! The security lights. I ran back to the corridor that led to my room and switched on the security lights. Immediately i switched it on, i heard a sound; like some glass broke or something, i wasn’t certain. The noise came from the back and i suspected it is the “Shadow Man” that made the sound. I started to shake in fear;What did you expect? A girl,Alone in this Big house with a “Shadow Man” Outside.

I think its a thief. i reached for my phone that was on the dinning table and dialed 911. It was going through; Thank God. “911 what is your emergency?” and as i was about saying something when the network went down and i lost signal. No! not now, why is this happening? i asked my self several questions and tears rolled down my eyes. My thoughts started scaring me to death “What if its a Thief?” “What if he had a Gun” (The shadow i saw was male, not certain though), “What if he has a Gun” “What if he is a Rapist?”

The “What if” questions ran through my head until i heard a car noise. I wiped my tears and walked close to the window, i took a peek and it was Carl’s Truck. My heart leaped for joy and i felt secured.  I didn’t allow him to knock, i opened the door before he could knock and Jumped on him. I cried on his shoulders and hugged him very tight. He didn’t ask me anything, he just said those words i wanted to hear “It okay, Am here now”..

(The Shadow Man Chapter One – Clinton Eleto 2013)


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