The Shadow Man Chapt. 2

Sorry for not posting yesterday and early today, the network has been so annoying. Okay here is #TheShadowMan2, if you missed chapter one, check it later. The shadow man chapter 1. enjoy 🙂


Carl’s car noise woke me up. Oh my God, its 10am already, anyway i don’t blame myself after what happened last night. Ive never been so scared in my life. Carl was steaming his car, he does this every morning. Lucia! Lucia! come on outside, you need to see this. “Oh no” i grumbled while getting off my bed, “What is it Carl?” I asked inquisitively. I opened the front door and went outside, where i saw Carl squatting down with something like a wallet in his hand. “Someone must have dropped his wallet” he said, and he was standing close to the Broken Basement door; he didn’t notice the Glass. “Let me see it” i said, The wallet was made of animal skin;i noticed. when we i opened it, i saw a Nail cutter, some money; about 50ghc and a….. Picture. it was a young man’s, about 29-34, he looked familiar, i thought. i was still staring at the pic when Carl cut in; errr err hmm.. someone’s in love? he joked, “No, you’re crazy” i said while grabbing his arm. “I am going out, keep the wallet maybe the owner will come look for it” he said, then he entered his truck and zoomed off! i took the wallet inside and closed the door.
I finished bathing, i was about eating when i remembered the Broken Glass-door (Basement door). i picked up my phone and called the repair guy to come fix it. I was watching TV when he came, i took him outside and showed him the stuff. He looked at it and told me he could fix it, but he has to go and bring some equipments and a new glass. I agreed with a nod. His name was Oliver, he stays about five blocks ahead of ours. He entered his van and left for his equipments and the Glass. i walked inside and closed the door, hehe.. don’t blame me, i became security conscious after what happened last night.
About fifteen minutes, He (Oliver) returned with his stuffs and he Honked ti signal that he was here. “Okay, Please be quick with it” I shouted. I was still watching TV when i fell asleep.                    “Miss, Miss”…… I screamed and jump out of the couch and then i noticed it was Oliver. “What are you doing here?” i asked, still shocked. “Miss, i finished the work 4minutes ago, i was honking to signal you that i was done but no reply, i knocked at the door several times and no one replied, so i had to come in” he explained calmly. “What? i must have been dead, i thought. “How much is your money?”, “100ghc miss” i answered. “Oh cut the Missy thing off, my name is Lucia” I said while heading for my room to get him his money.. “Okay mi.. sorry Lucia” he stammered, i chuckled and closed the door. Our house was 5 room apartment with a Basement where we (mostly my dad) kept our tools, old stuffs and all the junky things you can think of.
There you go” i said, handed the money to him. I lead him outside and asked him to wait while i inspect his work, he smiled and relaxed on his bonnet. I checked it, it was okay. “You did a great job Oliver” i said with a smile on my face. “That’s my job mis… oops!! Lucia” he joked. “Are you trying to be funny?” i asked, “No Lucia, he answered. “Okay, see you around, i said while heading for the door (I was moving backwards).. “Okay Lucia, see you around, he said and Laughed. I didn’t get while he was laughing i just turned and entered the house. I noticed the TV was still on and i switched it off. I was about going inside my room when my phone rang, i looked at the screen at it was Carl;
“Hello twinkle toes how are you?’, “I am fine, just here, am about going to check on the live stocks” i said. “Okay, has anybody come for the wallet?” he asked, “No dear, no one”. He said okay and ended the call after some funny talks…
I went inside my room, wore my “Poultry Clothes” that’s what i call them. I always wear them when am going to check on the poultry”. After feeding the Dogs, fowls and Pigs, i took a shower and came back to the living room.
I switched on the TV, i was about lying down when  i noticed the wallet was not on the table. i stood up, searched for it on the couch and on the TV stand, i couldn’t find it, i went inside my room searched everywhere, but still couldn’t find it. I remember keeping here on the table, who must have taken it? Who? wait, wait, Who came here today? who.. OLIVER!!

(The shadow man chapter 2 -Clinton Eleto 2013)


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