The Shadow Man Chapt.3


I know you’ll be suggesting I tell Clark about the other night and everything that happened. I can’t, why? My mom wanted me to follow them to Rome for the family Reunion but I decided to stay because of the exams, the exams finished two days ago. So, if I tell Clark about the incident, he will probably tell mom and she will ask me to come over to Rome or something else. I really want to stay here but this is really freaking me out. First, it was a shadow guy and now Oliver. I don’t know if Oliver if Oliver is the Shadow man or if he is working for him, because he can’t just take the wallet like that, maybe he thought that there was some money inside the wallet, No! Oliver is bigger than this. I tried calling him earlier but his phone is switched off. Hmm… This is really creepy. I will check on him later, maybe after taking Sammy (Our Bull Dog) for a walk.

“Lucia, how are you today? “Am fine, what are you up to? I asked slowly. “Umm am about going out, Mom called yesterday, she was asking if everything is okay, I told her everything is fine.  Dad said they’re going to stay an extra week in Rome; I guess they are enjoying their Reunion”.  “Good for them, where are you heading to? I asked. “Am going to grab some food stuffs and ice creams for the both of us” he said. “Aww that’s cool. Am about going for walk and am taking Sammy with me” “Okay have fun, see you later”.

I and Sammy walked into the woods; the atmosphere was perfect for a walk. We went to the lake and stayed there for few minutes. Sammy played and enjoyed himself, ha-ha I knew he is enjoying himself cos it’s been long since we had a walk. After an hour or two, we started heading home. On our way back home, we saw a guy a guy who was trying to release his dog from thorns and ropey grass. “Good morning, please can you hold her for me while I remove her head from the thorns”. “Sure” I said. I held the dog with my left hand with Sammy on my right. He was through, he thanked me and introduced himself, and he said his name was Peter. I told him my name and we walked out of the woods together, I told him my name and he asked if I my father is Mr. Benson, I told him yeah and he just smiled.

When I got home, Clark was already at home. He was already eating the food stuff he bought. I greeted him and went upstairs to shower. While I was in the shower, I heard some noise outside, I wasn’t sure. After showering, I went downstairs to eat, Carl told me that some guy brought this Box for me; he handed the box over to me. I was surprised, “Did he say who he was?” I asked Carl. “He said his name is Peter and he lives at the last block of the street. Hmm.. I think you’ve got yourself an admirer”. I told him I barely knew the guy. I took the box upstairs; to my room and I opened it. In it were some Flowers and a Letter. The flowers smelled nice, I opened the letter and read, after reading the letter, I was confused. It said;

Dear Lucia, How are you? Let me get straight to the point! I am sorry for the unexpected present but I really need to do this. Lucia, Benson is not your real father and he ……….. I will complete the story later. Meet me at the lake side tomorrow by 3pm.

PS: Don’t let Carl into this. What a lovely hat you are wearing. Goodbye, see you tomorrow.

I was surprised. How did he know am wearing a hat? I looked outside and saw him heading towards the end of the street.

(Shadow Man by Clinton Eleto 2013)


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