I still know you

Hi everyone, Pheeeew.. Still writing my exams though; its really complicated. I didn’t even had the time to celebrate my birthday or at least post it 😦 I miss you guys so much. I just decided to sneak in and post something.  I will try to visit your blog and see what you’ve got for me :). See you all soon. much love.


I met you. I loved you and you loved me

We had “endless” fun and good times together

You expressed your feelings greatly to me

I told you we were going to be together forever


We had problems, we fought and fought

You cried, I cried and we cried together

We gave each other space and time to sort

To sort out our personal feelings in order to live better


We thought we’ve made our decisions; we came back

We forgive, showed love and forgot the past.

We told people that we will surely last

Our love became longer than a movie “cast’


We fought again, i hit you and you cried

What happened? i don’t know. you should go

You left. without your love, i almost died

Why the problems? maybe nature made it so


I’m living with another one.

I realized we can live with each other

And we cant live without each other.

I miss you.


14 thoughts on “I still know you

  1. Your mum commented on your blog post. Now isn’t that sweet !

    You realize someone’s value only when they’re not around. maybe she misses you too. 🙂

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