My Apple













Will you buy my Apples? They are sweet and soothing

Please Give me money, Don’t stand there Looking

With water in your hands, a Flower Dying

If i die, the Garden will be empty; No butterflies flying

I know am not cute or am i terrifying?

My stomach is empty and Grumbling


Help me and help a Generation; Yes! A Generation

I look hopeless but i know i wont remain in this situation

Toothpaste is what i eat. Beats your imagination?

Its no big deal, I am also in love with Education

I heard it motivates? Your’e my motivation

You don’t eat apples? okay this is my presentation:

I can neither dance or sing

But listen to the words i speak

I weep where i sit

My cream gotten from spit

Your help is all i need

With “first aid” whiles i Bleed

Atleast i can read

Though am like a pig

But i can still lead

I wrote this “Simple” speech

Under that smelly Bridge

Where i learnt how to preach.



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