CF EXCLUSIVE: Strange Love – Melody Kuku

Hi all, i have been thinking of featuring other write ups here and share them to the world  you guys. So i am starting with Melody’s “Strange Love” filled with Power and Strong bond. If you want to get featured here, Send me an email – or you add me on Facebook or follow me on twitter 🙂

Enjoy “Strange love” by Melody Kuku. Have a lovely weekend. 🙂

The voice coming across the seas,
He could smell the aroma of thick passion,
In a gentle air.
Strings of music play melodies foreign to the heart,
Each pull of words string,
Stroke the heart softly.

Thoughts blossoming into words,
That lick the ink of pens,
Making the heart melt for a touch of the ink’s mistress.
Heart played against heart,
Passion or lust?
Love or awe?
Of desires that strange dreams give.

Copy right: Melody Kuku

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